2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Nichols College vs. Mount Holyoke
  Date: Aug 30, 2014 • Site: South Hadley, Mass.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
 Foul on Nichols College.
[48:54]  Shot by NC Meghan Dunn WIDE.
[53:46]  Offside against Mount Holyoke.
 Corner kick by MHC Kara Singleton [54:29].
[54:36]  MHC substitution: Jentrie Grissom for Tori Shaffrey.
[54:36]  NC substitution: Christina Barrows for Bryanna Goodine.
[58:36]  NC substitution: Caitlin Ansart for Danielle Barry.
 Foul on Nichols College.
[61:27]  NC substitution: Brooke Maher for Madison Catarius.
[62:04]  NC substitution: Anjali Rowe for Taylor Daniels.
[62:04]  MHC substitution: Rebecca Levkowicz for Machaela Wiggin.
[62:04]  MHC substitution: Andrea Portillo for Kara Singleton.
 Foul on Mount Holyoke.
[64:45]  MHC substitution: Tori Shaffrey for Jentrie Grissom.
 Corner kick by MHC Cassidy Robinson [66:34].
[70:04]  NC substitution: Taylor Daniels for Caitlin Ansart.
[72:20]  MHC substitution: Machaela Wiggin for Liz Rose.
[74:06]  NC substitution: Michelle Gardner for Jillian Krish.
[74:06]  NC substitution: Bryanna Goodine for Kathryun Falconer.
[74:56]  MHC substitution: Kara Singleton for Andrea Portillo.
[75:44]  Shot by MHC Cassidy Robinson WIDE.
 Foul on Nichols College.
 Foul on Nichols College.
 Corner kick by MHC Kara Singleton [80:00].
 Corner kick by MHC Kara Singleton [80:27].
[81:55]  Offside against Nichols College.
[83:16]  Shot by NC Taylor Daniels WIDE.
[83:23]  MHC substitution: Liz Rose for Cassidy Robinson.
[84:03]  Offside against Mount Holyoke.
 Foul on Mount Holyoke.
[86:28]  Offside against Mount Holyoke.
[86:53]  MHC substitution: Jessica Schiller for Rebecca Levkowicz.
[86:53]  NC substitution: Kathryun Falconer for Bryanna Goodine.
 End of period [90:00].