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Cornerstone Program

Leadership Giving
The new Cornerstone Program effective FY 06/07 recognizes alumnae, parents, and friends who make leadership gifts of $1,837 or more annually to the Mount Holyoke College Mount Holyoke Fund (15th reunion or higher).  For younger alumnae, options begin at $100.

This represents an increase in the entry point for leadership giving, although it marks the first in the program’s 40-year history. Mount Holyoke counts on gifts to the Mount Holyoke Fund to cover approximately 10 percent of its annual operating budget, a standard percentage among our peers.

(15th reunion and higher)
1837 Society 
(Mount Holyoke’s founding year)
Hortense Parker Society
(First known African American graduate, class of 1884)
Emily Dickinson Society
(Poet and MHC student)
Frances Perkins Society
(First woman cabinet member, class of 1902)
Virginia Apgar Society
(Developed Apgar Score for infants, class of 1929)
Mary Woolley Society
(MHC President, 1901–1937)

Young Alumnae Leadership Giving 
Years 1–5
Years 6–9
10th Reunion (up to 15th)

The Miller Worley Center for the Environment is dedicated to engaging MHC students more actively in the scientific, social/human, and global dimensions of environmental study.

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