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Endowment—$175 million

Endowment is the foundation of the institution, ensuring its continued vitality and providing a substantial flow of funds to the annual operating budget that supports our entire enterprise.

Sustaining the College’s competitive position as one of the nation’s top undergraduate colleges requires that we increase our endowment. The Campaign will seek endowment gifts for four purposes: faculty and academic support, student financial aid, programmatic initiatives, and unrestricted endowment.

For while the current level of Mount Holyoke’s endowment is substantial by many standards, it is just half that of some of our closest peers.

An endowment fund can be established with a minimum commitment of $100,000, which can be fulfilled over a period of years (five is typical) and the execution of a signed agreement (the "deed of gift") between the donor and the College on how the income from the endowment will be spent. The gift is commingled with Mount Holyoke's endowment and mirrors the overall investment performance, but is separately unitized and tracked so that we can report to donors on how their particular investment performs over time. MHC's endowment spending rule calls for distributing between 4.5% and 5.5% of a twelve-quarter debt-adjusted average market value of the endowment. For more information on establishing an endowment, please contact MaryAnne Young, Vice President for Advancement, or call 800-MHC-GIVE.


Mount Holyoke faculty are distinguished recipients of numerous awards and grants including the Pulitzer Prize, Fulbright Award, grants from the National Science Foundation and much more.

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