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Legacy of Diversity

Alumnae Reflections

"The incredible women I met at Mount Holyoke College continue to enrich my life. The amazing friendships that I made during my college years still positively impact me and are so precious that I cannot imagine how my life would be without them. I don't think that I could have bonded with women in the way I did on any other campus. I think that it is a tribute to the type of women Mount Holyoke recruits to its campus."
- Marian Cover Dockery '73


"...Being at MHC protected me from the political upheaval in the country where I grew up and my family lived. It also made it clear to me that the only way I could have some control over my future would be by getting an education. At MHC I got that and much more. I learned about kindness, friendship, and to challenge mmyself personally and intellectually."
- Magdalena B. Reyna '70


"It was during my four years at Mout Holyoke (1965-1969) that some of the most significant and empowering events in my life took place... I credit Mount Holyoke and all the incredibly caring mentors who became a part of my life then (many of whom I still see) with the "uncommon woman" I am today..."
- Ramona Chao Pei '69


"Mount Holyoke College... one of my wisest choices! The academic rigor was anticipated and now appreciated... the beauty of the campus had a calming effect during stressful times... the available options to become involved socially and politically were character-building. But one overaching contribution was my friends for life! I think of MHC fondly when I reflect on the friendships that were easy to make and have been easy to maintain over the years. The diversity of the sisterhood was second to none and clearly contribute to the ease with which I move about in my social and professional life."
- Deborah Northcross '73


"My years at Mount Holyoke helped shape and define my mind, personality, and outlook. Because of one professor, Dr. Elizabeth Sprague, who encouraged me, I am a physician today. My dearest friends have been and are fellow undergrads though not necessarily my graduation year. I remain proud of our college and would like it to be better than ever."
- Dr. Vera Stewart Franklin '73



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