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Volunteer Leadership

Alumnae have contributed in so many important ways to the continued growth and excellence of Mount Holyoke College. With their help, the College continues to be a leader in the education and advancement of women around the world. Having gone to Mount Holyoke is a powerful bond that unites alumnae. And when they come together and focus their considerable energies on helping the College, powerful results follow.

Board of Trustees as of July 2012

Jeanne E. Amster '77

Susan Bateson '76

Barbara M. Baumann '77

Ann Blake '85

Barbara Moakler Byrne '76

Eleanor C. Chang '78

Deborah Martin Chase '77

Ellen M. Cosgrove '84

Sarah Miller Coulson '75

Mary Graham Davis '65
Chair, Board of Trustees

Elizabeth Onyemelukwe Garner '89

Suzanne A. George '90

Lila M. Gierasch '70

Elizabeth Cochary Gross '79

Heather Harde '91

Mindy McWilliams Lewis '75, P'05

Chau Ly '97

Guy R. Martin P'07

Richard E. Neal

Ellen Hyde Pace '81

Elizabeth A. Palmer '76

Suzan-Lori Parks '85

Lynn Pasquerella '80
President, Mount Holyoke College

Kavita N. Ramdas '85

Cynthia L. Reed '80

James Streibich P'12

Karena Strella '90

Marija Tesla '11

David Wilson

Margaret L. Wolff '76


Campaign Steering Committee

Joyce Chaikin Ahrens '62

Jane A. Barth '55

Susan Bateson '76

Barbara McClearn Baumann '77

Susan Beers Betzer '65

Robin Wilcox Brooksbank '78

Eleanor Graham Claus '55

Carol Hoffmann Collins '63

Mary Beth Topor Daniel '82

Mary Graham Davis '65

Mary Dethloff Dryselius '66

Annemarie O. Farrell '01

Suzanne P. Franchetti '91

Elizabeth Cochary Gross '79

Mary Jean Ahern Hale, M.D. '67

Gretchen Wuth Hays '64

Ludmila Schwarzenberg Hess '67

Mindy McWilliams Lewis '75

John L. Lewis S'75

Chau Ly '97

Kathleen C. Maurer '84

Edith Swanson Middleton '54

Leslie Anne Miller '73

Sarah Miller Coulson '75

Maria Mossaides '73

Robin Chemers Neustein '75

Susan Abert Noonan '82

Lubna Olayan P'07

Dr. Marilyn Sarles '67

H. Jay Sarles S'67

Margaret Bloete Shilling '61

Karena Vaughn Strella '90

Susan Bonneville Weatherbie '72

Harriet Levine Weissman '58

Paul M. Weissman S'58

Margaret L. Wolff '76

John Xefos P'07

Jane A. Zimmy '74

The Mount Holyoke Fund Committee

Maria Mossaides '73, P'04, chair

Janice Abert '82

Julia K. Doig Wilcox '87

Cornelia Griffin Farmer '67

Jennifer E. Gieseking '99

Beth Tietze Lowd '65

Sabrina L. Maurer '90

Anne Elizabeth McKenny '79

Aili Petersen '02

Janice C. Pierce '52

Nancy L. Sun '80

Jane Zimmy '74

Legacy of Diversity Committee

Mindy McWilliams Lewis '75, P'05, cochair

Chau Ly '97, cochair

Yakut Akman '80

Naomi Barry-Perez '96

Andrea Brown '06

Rochelle Calhoun '83

Marian Cover Dockery '73

Cydney Forrest '07

Eloise Skelton Forrest '73, P'07

Karen Hendricks '76

Lynn Holmes '77

Jetta Jones '47, P'87

Rebeca Morel '04

Deborah Northcross '73

Meg Woodbury, M.D. '58

Veronica Ybarra '85


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