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18 October
7pm, Monday

"Queen Christina" 
(1933; directed by Reuben Mamoulian)
In one of her finest roles, Greta Garbo plays the 17th-century Swedish monarch who gave up her crown for the man she loved.  John Gilbert, Garbo's real-life ex-lover and her frequent co-star in silent pictures, made a brief comeback as the dashing Don Antonio.

"Meeting of Two Queens" 
(1991; directed by Cecilia Barriga)
In this witty, luminous tape, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich star in the roles of their lives, cast as loves by Chilean video artist Barriga.  Queen Christina meets the Scarlet Empress; Anna Kerenina and Blonde Venus transcend tragedy.

Gamble Auditorium, Mount Holyoke College

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