This chronolgy, or timeline, is designed to give students, working in the Archives as part of Pasts and Presences in West, a basic idea of events in history between 1837 and 1937. Each entry includes information on World history, women's history and Mount Holyoke College history.

Below you can access the the chronology in five year increments. If you are looking for events that occurred in 1852, simply select 1850 from the list and page down to 1852.

The information contained in the Chronology is based on sources in the Mount Holyoke College Archives and on two books by James Trager: The People's Chronology (N.Y.: Henry Holt and Co., 1992) and The Women's Chronology (N.Y.: Henry Holt and Co., 1994). Both books are in the reference collection of Williston Memorial Library.


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