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General Information

Your computer account and College policies

About your computer account, network access, and College acceptable use policies for computer and network use.

Peer to peer filesharing

About copyright violations in downloading music or movies and your legal exposure.

Off Campus Access

How to get email from off campus. How to access files, including web files. Access from off campus. Follow this link to instructions for installing winscp.


Information about the College VPN service. A sophisticated method for accessing on-campus resources from off campus. Requires setup and login registration. VPN Access


Information about the College Proxy service. A simple method of accessing restricted databases provided by LITS, available only to current students, staff, and faculty. Proxy

Remote Admin

Information about the College Remote Admin service available only to those with specific College needs to use their campus computer from an off-campus location. See also: wake-on-lan (login required).

Computer registration

The registration will require a login.

 Network Connection Request

A Web form to make a connection request. If you need a port made live in an office or classroom, just fill out this web form. You can also check out the current status of a request. Connection Requests

Desktop Email

To avoid losing email, before you use an email client such as Netscape, Outlook, or Eudora, please read this section, paying close attention to the differences between IMAP and POP protocols. Desktop email information

Webmail & Webshell

Webmail -- IMP is a Web-based email client, produced by the Horde Project. You have access to all of your email folder collections. In 2012, we moved the active email users to MHC email at Google.
Webshell provides some of the functions that are otherwise provided by logging into (MHC) computer system.


Information on the campus wireless access. How to set it up. Current and future wireless zones.

 Windows Security Info

Security information you should know about. This is a plain text page sent to students registering Windows computers for network use. A related page refers to general issues of network security.

Bad Port

If you suspect a bad data port in your room, please check this page to help to diagnose the problem. This is a list of items to try to determine if it really is the data jack that is not working correctly. Bad Port

Phone Dir Change Form

Faculty and Staff: Check or change your telephone directory information. Phone directory change form

Five College student computer account request

Five College students taking courses at Mount Holyoke often need access to campus computer facilities. Click here for the computer account request procedure.



Follow the Wire

A pictorial view of what happens when you send an email message. Following a data connection

Pine Notes

Technical information about the mail client Pine. Pine technical notes

Green Dot

You may have seen them on many of the public data connection drops around campus. What do they mean? What does that Green Dot mean? 

Network Infrastructure

Information pertaining to the Colleges Network infrastructure. This page covers standards and what we expect with any new construction project(s) as well as any renovations. Network Infrastructure 

Manufactures Phone Numbers

A list of phone numbers for many of the manufacturers and vendors out there today. A list of Manufactures Phone Numbers

Ethernet Cables

The differences between a phone cable and an Ethernet cable. A phone cable will NOT work with your Ethernet connection. Cables - The Differences 

Useful Links

Links to various computer vendor's web sites. Links to useful Vendor web sites

Construction Projects

Information on many of the recent construction projects on the colleges campus. Facilities Projects and Plans


Responsible Internet Use


Information to help you fight computer email spam. What is spam, and how to fight it 

More info on Spam

More information on email spam. The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email



Contacting Us

Michael A. Crowley

  • Director of Networking until 2012-07
    Senior Network and Systems Manager
  • mcrowley @
  • 413-538-2140

Kevin Slate

  • Senior Network and Systems Manager
  • kslate @
  • 413-538-2591

Fred Kass

  • Network and Systems Manager until 2012-07
    Assistant Director of Network and Systems
  • 2013-06-03: Last day at MHC. Moved to Trinity College in CT.

Ron Peterson

  • Network and Systems Manager until 2012-07
    Senior Systems Administrator with Administrative Computing
  • Head Network, Systems, Applications, 2013-06-04
  • rpeterso @
  • 413-538-2895


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