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Bad Data Port

Note: nearly half of all the bad drop reports we investigate turn out to be nothing wrong with the port. Please spend the time to review the the following steps closely in order to accurately access your current data port situation.


Steps to check

  • Do you have a link light on your Ethernet card? (This will be a small LED where the Ethernet cord plugs into your computer. Often times either green or yellow.)

  • Is there any physical damage to the drop? What happens to your network connection if you move the Ethernet cable around at the location it enters the jack on the wall? Is there a position that causes the port to work?

  • Are you using a personal Firewall? If so Try disabling it and see if the network connection is working.

  • Does your Ethernet cable "click" into place when plugging it in both the wall and your computer?

  • Are you using an Ethernet Cable and NOT a phone cable:


        A Phone cable WILL NOT WORK for Ethernet.

  •  Does your Device Manager (Control Panel -> System -> (Hardware tab) -> Device manager) indicates that your Network Card (NOT Dial up networking) is working correctly. (There is no yellow "" over the Ethernet card.)


 This indicates a non-working Ethernet Card in your computer.


  • Have you tried your computer with your Ethernet cord in a known working port (i.e. your roommates port)? Does it work there?

  • Have you tried your Roommates/Friends known working computer in your data port? Does your network jack still NOT work?

  • Do you Have Microsoft's Bridge installed and enabled? If so, Disable or Remove it.

  • Make sure you are plugged into the data jack and not the phone port. Do you get a dial tone when a phone is plugged into the phone drop?


after confirming all of the above steps,
you still feell your data port is broken,
please proceed to the following form:

Bad Port Request From.


network @

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