Wiring Cabinet

Michael A. Crowley
April 1999

While I would like to minimize the number of wiring closets in the buildings, I would also like to see these closets designed as "main distribution facilities" (to use early 90s terminology). The so-called "satellite distribution facilities" would be the wiring cabinets located in labs and classrooms. This design minimizes the cable runs to the central closet and provides additional flexibility for adding additional wiring.

This cabinet has no sound attenuation. For classrooms, the cabinet should have sound attenuation materials on the inside to minimize the noise of the hub or switch.

A wiring cabinet with 24 ports.

The cabinet is a small cabinet with a 24-ports patch panel and a single 24-port hub which attaches to a single dataport (copper) that is run to the electronics in the main wiring closet.

The various wiring closets should be able to handle video distribution and some origination from classrooms and labs. At this time there are no plans to provide video distribution to offices, but given the changes occurring in computers, it would probably be short-sighted not to consider video to all office environments.