Links to useful Computer sites:

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ASUS WWW Server.

The Motherboard manufactuer. Any questions about their motherboards? Look here.

Creative Labs (Sound Blaster cards).

The only choice in sound cards.

Linux Installation and Getting Started.

A nice guide to UNIX.


The Company Not the Car. From Ami Pro to Lotus 123.

TC Computers.

Motherboards - Hard drives. Great place to shop for a motherboard

Hard Drives.

Western Digital

The Hard Drive Manufatuer.


The Hard Drive Manufatuer.

US Robotics

The Modem people. The best there is.

Farallons Home Page.

The Networking People.

Promise Technology, Inc.

The Hard drive Controller People.

Asante Corp.

More Networking People.


Bill Gates at his best.

Symantec Corp.

Peter Norton. The best in utilites and alternative desktops.

PC Magazine.

A ZIF Davis Press favorite.

Computer Shopper.

The fatest computer Magazine to date.

3Com Corporation.

Great Ethernet cards.


The SCSI People.

Apple Corporation.

Yes they make computers.

Graphics Cards.


Video Cards - Real good ones.

ATI Corporation.

Video Cards - Good ones.

Diamond Multimedia.

Video Cards - More good ones.

Micron Computer.

Good Computers at a good price.



The processor alternative.


The processor people.


The other processor people.

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