Installing WinSCP


Open up a web browser and go to:

Scroll down and find the latest Non Beta version of WinSCP. In the example to the right it is version 3.7.4.

Select the Installation Package to start the download process.

You will then be presented with a list of download sites to select where to download WinSCP from. Choose the closet location to you and click on the "download icon":

The screen to the right will appear. The program should start to automatically download at this point. Save it to a place that you can get to easily. (If the Save dialog box does not appear, select the link listed.)
Open the folder where you saved the WinSCP install program to and double click on it.
Click Next.
Agree to the License Agreement and click Next. WinSCP is open source software.
Determine where you want the program installed to. The default location is probably the best option.
By default all of the Component options are selected. This is fine.

Select Next.

Keep the default Start Menu Folder.

Select Next.

Determine what Additional tasks you want selected.

Select Next.

Determine by the description supplied, which User View you'd like to use.

If, after you've installed the program, you decide that you don't like the one you've chosen, you can change it later.

Select Next.

Review your install choices.

Select Install.

WinSCP will now be installed on your computer.
Once the installation completes, make sure that "Launch WinSCP" is selected and click Finish.
Enter the following information in the appropriate fields:

Host Name:

User Name:

Enter Your MHC username.


Enter your MHC password.

Select Login.

The first time you connect to a new location (in this case MHC), you will be prompted to accept that Server's host key. You need to do this in order to connect.

Select Yes.

WinSCP will start. In the Norton Commander mode, you'll have a split screen with your files on MHC in the right pane, and your local computer files in the left pane.