Origin of the Club's Name:

Yamauchi Sachiko Sensei (3/4/59-1/5/12) and founder Katie Roche Sensei '09 both loved dragonflies. First, the name "akai tombo" ("red dragonfly") came to mind, but both parties agreed that it did not click. Yamauchi Sensei then demonstrated the Japanese characters for "kachimushi," the old way of saying "tombo."
Instead of using the color red for the name, they decided to use the old kanji for naginata (薙刀) together with "kachimushi." Using traditional characters for "Kachimushi Naginata" represents our respect of tradition and remembrance of the past.


Kachimushi literally means "victory bug"(勝虫) and translates into English as "dragonfly." Dragonfly designs are found on several samurai swords, armor, and uniforms. Even today, many Japanese martial arts products have a kachimushi design. Red is another symbol of victory, so this club's color is red.