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Article Examples

When viewing these articles concerning several specific events related to the crisis in Darfur, pay particular attention to the varying diction within their presentation. For example, the articles' word choice may characterize the crisis in many ways, from an atrocity to mass killings to ethnic cleansing and even genocide, and convey events through bare facts or emotionally charged language. Such deliberate shifts in rhetoric vary according to the level of severity of the crisis each country intends to portray. One explanation for their intentions, especially in respect to the examples laid out in this site, is an objective to convince their readers whether or not the crisis is a viable candidate for trial through the International Criminal Court.

Whether or not these articles each specifically seek to characterize the crisis directly in terms of its candidacy for the ICC, the example of the possible effects of such a political influence on the portrayal of a current event is worth investigating and considering when analyzing these and other news sources and possible influences.



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