Adam Gamzon


Clapp 402B




agamzon <at>

Mailing Address

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

415A Clapp Laboratory

Mount Holyoke College,

South Hadley, MA 01075

Research Interests: automorphic forms, Galois representations and deformation theory of Galois representations

Research Papers

  1. Unobstructed Hilbert modular deformation problems (pdf), to appear in the Journal de Théorie des Nombres des Bordeaux.

  2. Local torsion on abelian surfaces with real multiplication by Q(5) (pdf), to appear in the International Journal of Number Theory.

Expository Papers

  1. The Hasse-Minkowski theorem (pdf)

  2. Prime decomposition (pdf)

Teaching - Fall 2014 (details for students available on moodle)

  1. Abstract algebra

  2. Calculus I


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Adina’s first “hike.”  (More like a short stroll along a handicap accessible path at Ein Gedi - a desert spring in Israel.)  She mostly hung out in her stroller and let us do all the work.