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British Rule of Sindh

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British Rule of Sindh
The British came to Sindh under General Charles Napier and defeated the Talpurs to conquer Sindh in 1843. Since the British had conquered Sindh with support from the Hindus in Bombay and Kutch, Sindh was made part of the Bombay Presidency. Charles Napier became the first Governor of the province of Sindh. Within just a few years, forty percent of the Muslim land had been given to Hindu creditors. In a long battle with the British, many Muslim leaders tried to separate Sindh from the Bombay Presidency. They succeeded in 1935.

British Church in Sindh

The British withdrew from the area in 1947, and India split into two nations. This is known as the Partition. During the Partition Pakistan broke off to form its own country. At this point, Sindh held an elected assembly that voted to join the independent state of Pakistan. During Partition, Muslims migrated to Pakistan, and Hindus traveled to India. It is thought that more than 1.1 million Sindhi’s traveled to India during this period. Since then, Sindh has been under the rule of Pakistan. The people have not necessarily been happy under this rule, since they chose to join Pakistan thinking they would be freed from British rule and Hindu dominance, instead finding another bureaucracy in Pakistan.

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