Somalia is a country without any effective government since 1990 after the overthrown of a dictator regime led by Siyad Barre. The country has been in turmoil ever since and this has provided a safe haven for warlords and their violence. Somalia is a country located in the horn of Africa and its inhabitants share the same language, culture, traditions – however, as a tribal community Somalis are people who are divided. Every tribe wants someone with their tribal affiliation to be the president and this is one of the primary reason why the people have been unable to unify and elect a president. Over the past two decades Somalia has had many internal conflicts and violence by different warlords and many human rights violation. However, Somalia did not gain much media attention over the years until 2008 when the issue of piracy and young Somali pirates became international media coverage. All of a sudden we were seeing images of young Somali men hijacking boats and holding people for ransom. One would ask “what is with these crazy Somalis”? Why were they doing this? The media covered the effects of piracy but what about the causes? As we know one can never clap with one hand there ought to be another side to this story and that is precisely my mission for making this website. The purpose of this website is to show with substantial evidence what really instigated piracy in the coastline of Somalia.