Causes of piracy

To many the story of piracy in Somalia just started out in 2008 when the media started covering pirates hijacking boats. However, speak to any Somali in the country or in the Diaspora and you will hear a different side to the story. These pirates started out as a group of fishermen who got together to protect and fight against the illegal fishing in Somalia. In 2006 the United Nations released a report in which it it said the Somali waters have become “free for all” and “with fishing fleets from around the world illegally plundering Somali stocks and freezing out the country's own rudimentary-equipped fishermen.” This forced the Somali fishermen to take strong actions against the illegal fishing that threaten their livelihood. Aside from the illegal fishing foreign companies have also been taking advantage of Somalia since the early 1990's due to the fact that the country was without a functioning government. Illegal dumping of hazardous chemicals has been going on the coastline for the past 16 or so years. In 2004 after the Tsunami disaster in the Indian ocean, Nick Nuttall spokesperson for United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) noted that “There is uranium radioactive waste, there's leads, there's heavy metals like cadmium and mercury, there's industrial wastes, and there is hospital wastes, chemical wastes, you name it” he adds on “it's not rocket science to know why they're doing it because of the instability there.” It is much cheaper for foreign companies to dump their toxic waste in Somalia then it is to dispose them.