Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel

I am the Kennedy-Schelkunoff Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Mount Holyoke College. Previously I was an Ed Lorenz Postdoctoral Fellow at Bowdoin College, funded by MCRN. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with my PhD in Mathematics in July 2014.

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Spring Semester 2019
Math 333 Differential Equations
Math 211 Linear Algebra
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Explanation about SET that I put together for my students.


Dynamical Systems and applications of dynamical systems to physical problems; relative equilibria in the n-vortex problem from the perspective of Hamiltonian dynamical systems; bifurcations, tipping, and disturbance in dynamical systems, especially applications related to resilience and climate. I also know a tiny bit of computational algebraic geometry.

A gif to illustrate some of my dissertation research:

Research Statement

My advisor is Rick Moeckel.
I did my postdoc with Mary Lou Zeeman. A few of my favorite collaborators:


Nichol, Kristin L., Kate Tummers, Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel, Jennifer Marsh, Matt Moynihan, and Steven McKelvey. "Modeling seasonal influenza outbreak in a closed college campus: impact of pre-season vaccination, in-season vaccination and holidays/breaks." PLoS One 5, no. 3 (2010): e9548.

Anna Barry and Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel. "Existence, Stability, and Symmetry of Relative Equilibria with a Dominant Vortex." SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 15.4 (2016): 1783-1805.

(manuscript only) Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel, Alice Nadeau, Andrew Roberts, and Andrew Steyer. "Detecting transient rate-tipping using Steklov averages and Lyapunov vectors." arXiv:1702.02955 (Funny story: It doesn't work...)

Katherine Meyer, Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel, Sarah Iams, Ian Klasky, Victoria Lee, Stephen Ligtenberg, Erika Bussmann, and Mary Lou Zeeman. "Quantifying resilience to recurrent ecosystem disturbances using flow-kick dynamics." Nature Sustainability 1.11 (2018): 671-678.

Mary Lou Zeeman, Katherine Meyer, Erika Bussmann; Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel, Sarah Iams, Ian Klasky, Victoria Lee, and Stephen Ligtenberg. "Resilience of socially valued properties of natural systems to repeated disturbance: a framework to support value-laden management decisions." Natural Resource Modeling 31.3 (2018): e12170.

(in preparation) Phoung Le (MHC '18) and Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel. "Symmetry of relative equilibria with a dominant vortex and four infinitesimal vortices."

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