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In all big cities around the world, they are influenced by Western thought and Western styles because everywhere on the globe, countries were colonized by the Europeans.  Europeans expanded because of the pursuit of profit.  With Hong Kong under China's rule, the two influence each other socially, economically and politically.  Westerners transfer ideas to other parts of the world.  The West assumes that they are right and everyone else is wrong if they have different belief systems.  Hong Kong for example, has a strong force fighting for democracy.  Beijing is worried that Hong Kong will influence people in China under the socialist system.  Hong Kong wants to pull towards representative democracy, but China is using all means possible to stop this occurance. Westerners impose on others their system assuming that it is in the other countries best interests.

Status Square and Kowloon Wall City Park
Hong Kong’s reunification with China under the ‘one country, two systems’ formula is crucial in the reunification efforts with Taiwan and Macau.  Transfer of sovereignty means a lot to China because it is a sense of patriotic pride and national honor.  Hong Kong are one of the reminders of unequal treaties.  Redemption of Hong Kong releases China’s years of national humiliation and full sovereignty meaning control and jurisdiction.