Global Warming: An Imaginary Myth or The End Of The World



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Global Warming is yet another complicated term that has found itself in the spotlight. Very simply defined as the documented increase of average temperatures of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans, it has become an increasingly important problem for our generation to solve. For years we have been hearing about the threat, many people believed it be a hoax, however the time has come where we can’t ignore it anymore. In denial or not it is here and a solution is needed immediately. One of the leading known causes is the emission greenhouse gases which are released through the burning of fossil fuels. Severe consequences for humankind have been predicted if the emission of greenhouse gases is not significantly reduced very soon.
Some of these consequences include climate changes (heat waves, flooding, and glacial melting), widespread disease, shift in populations of plants and animals (could also lead to mass extinctions) and harsh weather patterns.



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