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MATH 301 - Real Analysis

Text: Introduction to Analysis (unpublished notes) by Professor Arthur Mattuck of MIT

Meets: MW 10:50-12:05, F 11-11:50 420 Clapp

Office Hours: MW 9:30-10:30, Tu 10:45-11:45, or by appointment, or whenever you can find me!

Homework: Assigned will be assigned approximately once a week. This is a very important aspect of the course, so, please, don't treat it lightly!!

Exams: There will be one midterm exam, date TBA

Grading: Final letter grades will be determined approximately as follows:
Midterm Exam 25%
Final exam 40%
Homework 25%
Participation 10%

Honor Code:
Homework: You may work together on assignments or talk to your instructor about them. However, write up all homework to be graded by yourself. Copying from another person's paper is a violation of the honor code, even if you worked with that person.
Exams: All exams are closed book. Giving or receiving any help during an exam is a violation of the honor code.

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