August 6 - an important day in history!

  • 1644 - Louise de la Valliere, mistress of Louis XIV born
  • 1806 - The Holy Roman Empire ceased to exist
  • 1848 - The sighting of a sea serpent by the HMS Daedalus
  • 1939 - Harold M. Stark born!!!
  • 1945 - Hiroshima
  • 1962 - Marilyn Monroe's death the previous day hit the newspapers
  • 1965 - President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act
  • 1997 - Apple Computer and Microsoft agree to "share technology"

2004 - Harold M. Stark turns 65!!!

2007 - Harold Stark elected to the National Academy of the Sciences

From An Introduction to Number Theory by Harold M. Stark, MIT Press, 1978, p. 116, and The New York Times , "On This Day".

The Family Tree

Birthday Card

Design adapted from D.H. Lehmer and Emma Lehmer, Pictoresque Exponential
Sums II,
Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik, Vol. 318, pp. 1-19, 1980

Photo Album

The Writings of Harold

A Number Theory Conference in Honor of Harold Stark

Information about Harold's 65th birthday "party"!


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