Happy 65th Birthday Harold!!!

The birthday boy

The family

BOTTOM ROW: HAROLD, Anne Schwartz, Ken Rosen, Jeff Hoffstein, Ram Murty
2nd ROW: Jeff Stopple, Sol Friedberg, Olav Richter, ?
3rd ROW: Brett Tangedal, Jonathan Sands, Farshid Hajir, David Grant, Andrew Odlyzko, John Massman
TOP ROW: Bob Styer, Russel Hendel, Jeff Lagarias, Howard Skogman, Paul van Mulbregt, ?, Frank Wang

The gang's all here

The cruise...


David Dummit and Paul van Mulbregt

David Hayes, Ken Rosen and Hershy Kisilevsky

Hershy Kisilevsky, Andrew Odlyzko and Harold

Jeff Lagarias, Harold and Audrey

Our fearless leader!

Sol - go RED SOX! World Series Champs!


(from the conference)

  • 10. ALWAYS drink two cups of coffee before attempting to do work. Then drink a third before actually working.
  • 9. Once you finally do get working, NEVER try to show Siegel zeros don't exist.
  • 8. ALWAYS submit conference abstracts late.
  • 7. Once you finally do submit your abstract, ALWAYS keep it as vague as possible; one-liners are best. This will come in handy because of #6.
  • 6. ALWAYS prepare your presentation the morning of your talk.
  • 5. NEVER work in the morning.
  • 4. NEVER wear a tie. But if you are forced to (by a Dean, say, see the next item), NEVER wear a red tie over a red shirt.
  • 3. NEVER be department chair.
  • 2. ALWAYS dress in layers, not forgetting the all-important hat!
  • 1. If you send Harold any kind of mail, YOU MUST ALWAYS send a carbon copy to Audrey.

The banquet

Andrew, Audrey, and Harold


David Hayes

John Brillhart

Dennis Hejhal

Kristen Lauter

Ram Murty

David Grant

Bob Styer

Brett Tangedal

Anne Schwartz

Crowd shot

That's all folks...