My Friends Sermon of Rabbi Gluck

It is an old laudable custom, exercised since many centuries among the Israelites, that on the (? Hebrew) on that Sabbath, that is between New Year and the day of atonement every preacher has preaching lecturing [sic] before his congregation, of course our forefathers wanted to listen to every docile discourse about a Talmudic theme, but "lempora(?) mutatutur(?) et nos mutamur in illis" [Latin???] Times had changed, and we have become changed with them, for not always and not every one finds a supreme delight to listen to sagacious controversies, to penetrating dialogues, but we shall be always glad to pay our attention to the quintessence of the teachings and results found by our forefathers. It is a wonderful spell, which attracts not only Israelite but also Gentiles, to see how the old Jewish teachers have found the most difficult axioms in philosophy and pedagogic, but unfortunately , that Talmudic lore, the Talmudic lore, the Talmudic Logic the Talmudic explanations about all branches of science and knowledge they all have been locked up and sealed with seven seals till the last fifty years of this century. Since that time our sages tried to unlock and to unseal the old and hidden treasures of Jewish wisdom and to bring them before the public in general in a living chosen and digestive language. To prove you the truth of my assertion I shall request you to listen to me for a short time.

We read in the Talmud, that Israels redemption will accrue from three causes, first because they do not change their names -- secondly because they do not change their garments and Thirdly because they do not not [sic] change their language -- at the sight every one must see that three causes will not be taken literally, and when we want to find the real sense, we have to talk figuratively. After the Talmud the redemption of a nation and the redemption of an individual person ought to be dependent on not changing his name. What is a name only a sound of one or two syllables and notwithstanding --- which value, which importance which consequence are connected with it. Among us Jews there is no nobelhood, no knighthood, but the names of Abraham, Isac [sic] and Jacob after whom we are named, is as old as History is and, I think, nobody was more right, than Lord Beakensfield (?), that man who has been premier of proud England and has nevertheless not forgotten his Jewish descent, His Jewish name De Israeli. This noble statesman, who has been for many a Jew the first counsellor with his Queen, was once rebucked [sic] by a jelous [sic] politician, whos [sic] cradle was adored [sic] with the crown of a duke, for his Jewish origin. He asked him in his Fraunfiel (?) way, wherefrom did you get your dukedom? From my father was De Israeli's quickly [sic] reply and he from whom? From the Queen, and what do you think was was [sic] your Grand-Grand father and so on? The good duke could finally not answer, till Disraeli said to him I will assist you a little. As you do not know, I know it than better, he has been a noble robber, a noble waylayer who was lurking from an ambush to attack and even the poore [sic] wanderers and the Jewish travelers, who did not obey at once his order. La bourse ou la vie. Thy money or thy life. But I disreli am originated from Abraham Isac [sic] and Jacob from a nation that has given the world and even you the religion and he whispered in his ear even your God. The dukes last answer was silence deep silence and moving slowly away.

Yes my friends we must not be ashamed of our Jewish name, this Jewish name is united with all beginnings of moral teachings and exercise, education, lawgiving, principles of virtue and all qualities that make man, if exercised healty [sic] wealthy and wise.

The second cause that a nation, an individual person may await redemption is for not changing his garments. Nobody in the world could whish [sic] for himself and his dear ones better garments better qualities of a race than the Jewish ones who exelled [sic] more than the Jewish nation in those cardinal virtues on which human society is based, which creed exercises more loving kindness, more hospitality and more charity then [sic] the Jewish one. With the genuine Jewish Garments are clad the poor and rich, the old and the young and these garments are freely distributed between all men either they be co-relig. (?) ? or not "Love thy neighbors as thyself" is and will remain the fundamental on which the stores for all this acte [sic] of humanity are built; no time, no style could and cannot change them. Wherever money is needed for good and noble purposes, who are always, the first donors that have given quickly and richly? Our Jewish brother who has built the first hospitals, the first homes, who has given the first reasonable medical help and assistance? Our Jewish Brethren, who has seen in every wanderer an Angel sent by God, who has given up the stranger every commodity of life, who has wellcomed [sic] even by washing the feet -- wellcomed [sic] by the Ladies (?) master of the house? It was Abraham who has taken the lead in hospitality for all his descendants -- and even the bitterest enemies of the Jews have never dared to speak against our Jewish house-wife and their charity look at all these nasty divorce cases as they are now the order of the day among the upper then-thousand [sic] of the hypocrit [sic] English race was there ever found a case, which touched a good Jewish woman. No is the only and short answer.

Brethren, let us therefore, never change these our old Jewish garments, which I hope to God will never fade and will be always stylish___.

As the third cause, that the Israelite must have his redemption

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