Thanksgiving Sermon of Rabbi Gluck, undated

Profoundly impressed with the satisfaction of being the bearer of the sweet burden of gratitude, which this day imposes upon every loyal citizen of this beloved country, we are assembled within this sacred house of worship.

With feelings of reverence and devotion, we solemnly bow before the author of all good, life, health and propsperity - (Hebrew script) "To proclaim thanksgiving in a loud voice" (Ps. 2:6-7) for those many blessings He so graciously had bestowed upon us, in our homes and national affairs.

This illustrious institution, the lofty monument consecrated to the commemoration of the supernal moment in the history of American Liberty and civilization, throws fully its effulgent light upon the sublime and eternal Rabbinical sentence (? Hebrew script) "Though all sacrifice may erase but the offering of thanksgiving shall never erase" and explains beautifully its permanent significance.

What could indeed be a sweeter offering before the Father of all mankind, before whom justice, kindness and a humble disposition are the most favorable, yea, the only acceptable offerings so strongly emphasized by the Prophet Micha [sic] 6-8 (? Hebrew script) "He had told thee, I mean, what is good and what the Lord doth require of thee, nothing, but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with the Lord" what more an acceptable ? than the voices of praise and thanksgiving, ringing simultaneously form the lips of millions of his children, irrespective of race or language of creed or faith for one and same cause.

What could indeed crown this day with more sublimity and sacredness, than the patriotic sentiments of 70 millions of people, who equally share the privileges and blessings resulting form the form of Government and from constitution of the U.S. rising from our common national altar - "love and peace" as the sweet "balm of Gilead" before the throne of our merciful Father, whose divine will is, that his children shall dwell together in love, harmony and union, as said by the Propeht (Malachi 2-10) (? Hebrew text) Have we not all one Father? (? Hebrew text) Hath not our God created us? Why shall we deal treacherously man against his brother to profane the covenant of our father?

The salutary influences of November 11, 1620 have extended wide and far and have become a blessing to the successive Generations. The infant born in the cabins of the Mayflower on the free waves of the ocean; cradled by the heavenly melodies of peace had become a protective "Cherub" to the American Nation and a marvellous [sic] factor in the Civilization of the human race.

The celestial plant, implanted in the holy gound of this continent, by the brave band of the Pigrim Fathers; a generation of self-sacrificing men and women for the cause of humanity, with inflexible love for liberty and faith who having taken possession of the ground (? Hebrew script) (Zechariah 4-6) not by might of a fanatic kingdom of Spain which acted so cruelly under the influence of the Roman Chatholic [sic] Church, nor by power of the English Church whcih had freed herself from the iron fetters of Rome to but assume Anglican tyranny, another system of papacy without a Roman but with a royal pope.

But by the spirit of the Lord of Hosts in the name of the only and one living God.

The city of Providence is the perpetual monument of the great-hearted man Roger Williams. Like Abraham who builded [sic] altars in the promised land calling them in the name of God (? Hebrew script) ch. 12-8 and making hosptiatlity to his chief virtue thus Roger Williams consecrates this spot to the ever living God where all found the blessings of liberty and freedom of conscience(?).

Rhode island [sic] is another monument bearing witness to noble character of its founder. Blackstone(?) and purity of his faith. Rehovoth(?) He called the place like Isaac - because God had made room for us he said his soul was too large for this narrowness and bitterness of this twice(?), when religion was made a bloody weapon, and faith iron fetters.

We to-day [sic] understand, to propperly [sic] appreciate their heroic deeds, and patirotic spirits. The olden times did not, neither do many European countries.

We Americans can give a more ? and definite answer as to when Jew and Gentile can rejoice together than Rabbi Jochanan Ben Zaccai(?) could in his time. A Gentile once asked Rabbi Jochanaan. We have our festivals, and you have your festivals. On what day, then, can we both rejoice? The reply was (? Hebrew) on a day when it is raining because we both enjoy its benefit.

To day [sic] we are ready for another answer (? Hebrew) This is the day which God had appointed. It belongs to no religious sect. It belongs to a whole nation, to every citizen who lives in this county, and for this country. We will all rejoice thereon.

Thus this day explains to us the essential character of Patriotism...

Not him [sic] who tries to establish the permanent safety for his country with an iron Hand of cruelty and persecution is a patriot. He who loves his country in order not to participate in her corruptions is the true patriot.

Moses was more patriot than Pharo [sic] when he undertaketh the unsurpassed event in history: "we must go into the desert to pray to our God" he said for there is no God in Egypt -- the place of cruelty and slavery. The Pilgrims who having Emigrated forom England to be free to worship God -- who having celebrated their first thansgiving day under the blue sky as a roof and the brown earth as a floor were by far more patriotic than the English Bishops and cruel ? , who compelled them to leave their fatherland which they loved so dearly.

The times will go on. This blessed county will will [sic] extend her liberal policy to nations and to mankind. The Stars and stripes of our flag will shine with intense brilliancy and enlighten the human race to emulate our examples of freedom and liberty. Yet the memory of the Pilgirms will forever remain first in the history of the U.S.