Sermons and Notes of Rabbi Gluck

Rabbi Bernhard Gluck was rabbi of Oheb Shalom in Newark, New Jersey from 1890 until 1906. At that time, Oheb Shalom was on Prince Street. The building is now a state historic landmark. The building was equipped with an organ, serivces were held in English and led by a professional hazzan, using the Jastrow Prayer Book. (Source:

Rabbi Gluck is grandfather of Carol Lerner, a longtime resident of Metuchen, New Jersey. He is the great-grandfather of my husband, Richard Lerner, currently living in Pelham, Massachusetts.

The sermons and notes that appear here have been transcribed from the original handwriting of Rabbi Gluck. Unfortunately, most of the sermons are undated. The order below is largely the order in which they were transcribed and should not be assumed to be chronological. The brief synopses are my own summaries to guid the reader in selecting what to read (should there ever be enough here to warrant that!)

The handwriting is often hard to read. Where I am uncertain about a word, the word is immediately followed by a parenthetical question mark, as in "conscience(?)". Where I am unable to even guess a word, there is simply a question mark, as in "an acceptable ? than the voices". Where Hebrew script appears, I have include "(? Hebrew script)" in the transcription. These are often followed by translations provided by Rabbi Gluck, but not always.

I have attempted to be faithful to the spelling in the originals. Where this differs from modern spelling I have inserted "[sic]". Any misspellings that are not so notated should be assumed to be typos on my part.

Please enjoy and come back frequently! I hope to update these regularly. At some point, we hope to find a good home for these sermons where they can be appreicated properly for their historical value.

Dated Sermons

Undated Sermons and Prayers