Feel free to email me with a request for papers that appear on my CV or for recommendations for readings. Here, I highlight just a few resources and papers.

Research Articles and Student-Facing Resources focused on Community College Transfer in STEM Fields available here

Understanding Mentoring- Definitions and Mechanisms for Mentoring

  • Definition of mentoring-- to guide research and practice
  • Written for AAAS Study Group on STEM Mentoring. Short paper illustrates the complexity of the term “mentoring” and the need to define the type of mentoring and mentoring goals before designing research or programming.

  • Developmental changes in mentoring (Will that be one mentor or two?) [pdf file]

  • Web-supported alternatives to traditional mentoring for women [pdf file]

  • Improving Teaching and Advising

  • Time-Effective ways of improving faculty-student interactions. This is a resource developed for Engage in Engineering, but relevant to all faculty [pdf file]

  • Construct your own “Board of Directors” Worksheet
  • Identifies key mentoring positions for your own board of directors Can be used in advising sessions with students, employees, or for self-evaluation [word doc]

  • Student Training for Mentoring Article [pdf file]
  • This paper, published in the Career Development Quarterly, looks at ways to help college students "get ready for mentoring", identify mentoring networks, and not overlook potential mentors.

    Nontraditional-aged students and pathways

  • "From Drafter to Engineer..."
    This paper, published in the Journal of Career Development, looks at how students renegotiated their career goals over time, and tried to expand the window of time they had to pursue their education. [pdf file]

  • "To Reclaim Past Selves or Construct New"
  • This paper, published in the Journal of Adult Development, looks at nontraditional-aged community college students and how they perceived their academic and career goals when they were adolescents, and whether their return to school was an attempt to reclaim a past self from adolescence or to construct something new. [pdf file]

    Mentoring and Persistence

  • STEM mentoring and student retention article [pdf file]

  • Longitudinal study of girls in STEM published in the Journal of Career Development [pdf file]

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