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Henry VIII

Henry VIII was the second generation of the Tudor dynasty. He went through six wives in his lifetime in an attempt to protect the line of succession. The differences between the first four of his wives illustrate the changes in English religion. He starts with a Catholic wife that his father chose for him; after being unable to produce a male heir with her he basically creates his own religion so he can remarry. When this wife also proves incapable of giving him a male heir he has her killed and quickly (like two weeks later) remarries. Though this wife (whose family is very Protestant) does give him an heir, she dies soon after. He married his next wife for political alliances with her extremely Protestant family.

In posterity Henry VIII is often remembered in terms of his wives, which is ironic considering his belief that women were the weaker sex and should have no power. His reign is a clear example of how women could have power through their husbands. After all, one of his wives started a new religion through him.