Robert J. Weaver

Kennedy-Schelkunoff Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley, MA 01075
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In the last few years of my time at MHC, I divided my teaching equally between mathematics and computer science. My scholarly interests also crossed that gap--with significant parts of my work involving ways in which the computer can become a major factor in the teaching of mathematics (and other disciplines). In particular, I am committed to the idea that we can learn more easily and surely than at any time in the past with the vastly richer base of mathematical examples that the computer affords us. With this astonishingly powerful tool we are freed to experiment and to observe new relationships and structures. (See information on Software)

Mathematically, right now, I'm working on a set of problems involving an infinite collection of periodic functions which arise from the composing of standard periodic functions in an unconventional way--a project that arose for me from just the kind of computer experimentation I mentioned above. Students who have had Math 301 could easily move into working in this area.

Our course, Math 251, Laboratory in Mathematical Experimentation, provides a chance to expose people to this approach--the approach that involves students in working through mathematical ideas in an experimental environment. Rather than following the well-developed track of definition...theorem...proof..., students are encouraged to make conjectures on the basis of experimentation using the computer. They can then use deductive arguments to confirm or refute these conjectures. This course has made a definite difference in the quality of our major in mathematics!

I have had a long-time interest in lattice theory and partially ordered sets, and I had several times taught an advanced-level course in lattice theory (under the rubric of Seminar in Algebra) as well as a First- and Second-year Tutorial in that topic as well.

In computer science, my activities are in the areas of digital logic and computer graphics. Also, I am very interested in designing and writing mathematical software, with a particular emphasis on flexible user interface design. For several years, I taught our computer graphics course. That course provided a useful way of preparing students to work in graphics projects and software design.

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Office: 419 Clapp Laboratory
Phone: (413) 538-2209
Email: bweaver-at-mtholyoke-dot-edu

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