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Software Packages I have written:

CALCWIN (Version 1.7)

This package is written for MS Windows for the PC. It gives a number of programs for use in teaching of calculus and pre-calculusCartesian Function Plotter Integrator/Derivative Plotter Integrator/Antiderivative Plotter Polar Coordinate Plotter Parametric Function Plotter Sequences and Series Series Function Plotter

To obtain a copy of this software, click here: DOWNLOAD CALCWIN, VERSION 1.7 Instructions for downloading:

Chromatic Polynomial Calculator for Windows (Version 2.1.2)

This program is useful in discussing coloring problems on maps or graphs. For the most part, the program is a teaching tool. The user enters the graph into the computer by responding to questions about adjacency of pairs of vertices. Once the graph is entered, the computer determines the chromatic polynomial of the graph using the recursive algorithm of Birkhoff and Lewis.

To obtain a copy of this software, click here: Version 2.1.2 for WINDOWS

Trigonometric iteration (1995)

This program illustrates the behavior of a sequence of trigonometric functions composed with a type of "linear" iteration. There are a number of interesting graphical and convergence questions. The program is written for MS Windows.


COMPUCALC ((c) Worth Publishers, Inc., New York, 1984)

This package, written in 1984, consists of 10 programs for the APPLE-2plus computer. It is designed to be a lab tool for students of calculus and pre-calculus showing function plots, integration, polar and parametric representations of functions, illstrations of the delta-epsilon definition of limits of functions, and other topics.

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