Claude L. Fennema, Jr.
Professor Emeritus, Mount Holyoke College
Contact Information
  1. B.S. in Mathematics from Massachusetts Instistute of Technology, 1963
  2. M.A. in Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University, 1967
  3. Artificial Intelligence Center, SRI International 1959-1972
  4. Central Research Laboratories, 3M Company 1972-1978
  5. Control Data Corporation 1978 – 1986
  6. PhD. in Computer Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1991
  7. Mount Holyoke College Computer Science Department 1990 - 2007
  8. Stetson University Computer Science Program 2008 - 2010.
 Courses I have taught:
  1. Introductory Courses
  2. Introduction to PASCAL
  3. Introduction to C *
  4. Data Structures
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence *
  7. Robotics and Computer Vision *
  8. Advanced Computer Vision *
  9. Natural Language
  10. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Psychologists
  11. Systems
  12. Operating Systems *
  13. Computer Networks *
  14. Theory
  15. Theory of Computation *
  16. Seminars – Special Topcs
  17. Research Methods
  18. The Impact of Personal Computing
  19. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  20. * These are courses I have taught many times.
Research Interests
  1. Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Natural Language, and Virtual Reality
Selected Publications, Technical Reports, and Patents
  1. "Scene Analysis Using Regions", published in the Artificial Intelligence Journal, 1970; C. Brice, C. Fennema.  Republished in Computer Methods in Image Analysis; J. K. Aggerwal, R. O. Duda, A. Rosenfeld, editors, IEEE, 1977.
  2. "Automatic Non-Contact Recognition of Insignia", Patent No. 3,818,191 issued June 18,1974.
  3. "Velocity Determination in Scenes Containing Several Moving Objects", published in Computer Graphics and Image Processing Journal, 1979; C. Fennema and W. B. Thompson.
  4. "Planning with perceptual milestones to control uncertainty in robot navigation", C.L. Fennema, E.M. Riseman and A.R. Hanson, proceedings of the  SPIE Mobile Robots III conference, pp 2-18, Cambridge, November 10-11 1988.
  5. "Towards Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation", Claude Fennema, Allen R. Hanson and Edward Riseman, proceedings of the DARPA Image Understanding Workshop, pp 219-231. May 1989.  Also available as a technical report: TR 89-104, COINS Department, University of Massachusetts (Amherst).
  6. "Model-Directed Mobile Robot Navigation", C. Fennema, A. Hanson, E.  Riseman, J. Ross Beveridge, and R. Kumar, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Special issue on unmanned systems and vehicles, pp. 1352-1369, Vol. 20, No. 6, Nov/Dec, 1990.  Also available as technical report: COINS TR 90-42, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, June 1990.
  7. “Interweaving Reason, Action and Perception”.  C. Fennema.  PhD thesis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Massachusetts, September 1991.  Also available as technical report  COINS TR91-56, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MA 1991
  8. "Finding Landmark Features Under a Broad Range of Lighting Conditions."  C. Fennema. Proceedings of the SPIE Conference on Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision, Vol. 2055, pp. 181-191, September 1993.
  9. "Executing Reactive Behavior for Autonomous Navigation."  B. Rochwerger, C. Fennema, B. Draper, A. Hanson and E. Riseman.  Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Vision, Seattle WA, June 1994.
  10. “Steering a Mobile Robot in Real Time.”  Mei C. Chuah and Claude Fennema.  Proceedings of the SPIE conference on Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XIII: 3D Vision, Product Inspection and Active Vision, Volume 2354, p. 57-65, Boston MA, November 1994.
  11. "Interweaving Reason, Action and Perception".  C. Fennema and A. Hanson.  Computer Science Department Technical Report TR95-34, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, April 1995.
  12. “Place recognition using color region analysis”.  Lilla Zollei and Claude L. Fennema, Jr.  Proceedings of the SPIE conference on Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XVIII: Algorithms, Techniques, and Active Vision, Volume 3837,  pp.175-184., Boston MA, September 1999.
  13. "Orthographic and perspective projection influences linear vection in large screen virtual environments". Laura C. Trutoiu, Silvia-Dana Marin, Betty J. Mohler, Claude Fennema. In Proceedings of the 4th Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization (Tübingen, Germany, July 25 - 27, 2007). APGV 2007. This was a Poster delivered by my students.
  14. "Influence of Tactile Feedback and Presence on Egocentric Distance Perception in Virtual Environments". Farahnaz Ahmed, Joseph D. Cohen, Katherine S. Binder, Claude L. Fennema Jr. Proceedings of the IEEE conference on Virtual Reality, March 2010.
Honors Projects Completed by My Students:
  1. Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Natural Language
  2. "Where Am I? - Using Vision to Localize a Robot." Tina Kapur, 1992.  .
  3. "Acquiring new knowledge about the environment using computer vision.”  Aparna Lakshimi Ratan, 1992 (Summa Cum Laude).
  4. "Steering a robot in real time with a parallel system."  Mei Chuah, 1993 (Summa Cum Laude).
  5. "Learning about the environment with computer vision using motion"  Maxine Roberts, 1995.
  6. "Natural Language Understanding: Integrating Symbolic AI and Nerual Network Processing in Computer Understanding of Natural Language."  Ying Wang,1996.
  7. "An Eye for a Cyber-eye: A computer model of a visual system." Beth Murray (Hampshire College'96).
  8. "NOW Distributed Supercomputers for Computer Vision."  Jorjeta Jetcheva, 1997 (Summa Cum Laude).
  9. "Using Author Level and Character Level Planning in Story Generation.."  Emily Crooks, 1998 (Summa Cum Laude).
  10. "Immaculate Perception: Stereo Vision."  Lindsey Noll, 1998.
  11. "Grammar and Transformation Rules for Syntactic Morphing.", Lisa Cocozzella, 1999
  12. "Place Recognition Using Color Region Analysis"  Lilla Zollei,1999 (Summa Cum Laude)
  13. “Experiments in Color Constancy”  Sarah Taylor Erickson, 2001
  14. “Linking Language and Vision: The Perceptual Meaning of Noun Phrases”   Lindsey Hotchkies, 2001 (Summa Cum Laude)
  15. “Image Matching in Stereo Vision”  Maya Peeva, 2001
  16. “Face Recognition - Using Vision to Recognize Faces.”  Sadia Sharmin, 2001
  17. “Machine Translation from English to German”, Carolin Arnold , 2002.
  18. “Where is it?  Locating objects using prepositional phrases via dialogue.” Mohanty, Natasha,  2003.
  19. “Using Natural Language Descriptions to aid Object Recognition.”   Ariadna Quattoni, 2003 (Summa Cum Laude).
  20. Virtual Reality
  21. “Real-Time Interactive Raytracing in Distributed Environments for Virtual Reality Systems.”  Siddiqi, Sabina, 2003
  22. “Attention Driven Rendering.”  Tabani, Sanaa, 2003.
  23. “The Role of Familiar Size and Proprioception on Absolute Egocentric Distance Perception during Visual Motion..”  Dang, Estelle, 2004.
  24. “The Effects of Texture Mapping Techniques on Slant Perception of Planar Surfaces Textured with Flat Textures”.  Mutsuddi, Adity , 2004.
  25. “Effect of Depth of Field on Perceived Visual Realism of Images.”  Ahmed, Farahnaz, 2006.
  26. “Computer Graphics and Human Depth Perception with Gaze-Contingent Depth of Field.”  Villarruel, Christina, 2006.
  27. “The Effect of Motion Parallex on Vection in Virtual Environments.”  Trutoiu, Laura, 2008.
  1. Chair, Mount Holyoke Computer Science Department 1991-2003
  2. Mount Holyoke Science Advisory Board 1991-2003
  3. Mount Holyoke Building Project Committee 1998-2001
  4. Chair of Mount Holyoke Academic Computing Steering Committee 1991-1994
  5. Academic Computing Evaluation Committee (Ad Hoc) 1994-1995
  6. Chair of Academic Policy Committee 1998
Other Interests
  1. Photography
  2. Fly Fishing:
  3. Fly tying
  4. Entomology
  5. The biology of estuaries
  6. Sailing
  7.       Smyrna Yacht Club, New Smyrna, FL
  8. Travel