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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, more commonly known as the "RSS" RSS

The RSS became the main promoter for Hindu Nationalism and offered the movement its main principles. The RSS was developed under the idea that each Hindu man has the opportunity for his character to be molded in the fashion of past Hindu heroes.

As one cultural study states, “Such men will see themselves as cells of the vast Hindu nation, and will strive selflessly for its consolidation, social uplift, and defense against external and internal enemies…their moral example and selfless activism will act as a leaven to regenerate all aspects of Hindu society and create an organically united Hindu nation.”

The RSS is divided into small sects, called shakhas, which engage in martial arts studies and may practice celibacy. Unlike other movements, the RSS allows lower ranked caste members to participate in their organization. Members of the RSS believe that rigorous self-discipline will allow them to overcome the traditional mildness of the Hindus, allowing them to gain strength over foreigners.

Just as the RSS was petitioning to allow for caste mobility, so was an organization called the Arya Samaj movement.

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