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Forgive the highly under-construction nature of this site, but hang in there, improvements will be coming, slowly but surely. For now, I have four pages up, Pictures, Humor, Quotations, and Computers. Fair warning: the humor page consists of those humor files that show up as forwards in your inbox every now and then. These are the best of the bunch, in my personal opinion, and thus I put them up for all to enjoy. But if you're the type who runs screaming from the least mention of such files, be warned and skip that page. But some of them are highly funny, you're missing out...

Shameless brag of the day: the Quotations page was written from home, hand coded and ftp'ed. Yay for learning basic hand-coding!! :)

Pages other than those four are just blank forms at the moment, don't bother with them.

Also, the webpage for my Optics project is up, check it out if stress patterns in leucite really thrill you :)

On all my pages, credit goes to Jim Brandenburg, an amazing Minnesota photographer, whose photos I used for my banners.