This Week's Collection Feature

Each week I will update this page to highlight something different in my collection. I know there are too many things for most people to look through everything, and this way I'll get to share some of the highlights without overwhelming you.

I've had the top postcard in my collection since 1998. It is fairly rare, but I've seen copies of it at least a few times since then. The class baby is a title bestowed upon the first child born to a member of that graduating class.

I was very excited to see the second card on eBay in 2015. Postally unused, it would be difficult to associate with Mount Holyoke, since it had no names on it. But fortunately for me, someone did identify the alum and her daughter, and because I had the first card on the web, the eBay dealer was able to find it in a web search and post this card in an auction that I could find. I'm very thrilled to have won it!

The mother is Grace Esselstyn Webb 1904, and her daughter, the class baby, did go on to attend Mount Holyoke as well. She is Ruth Hanna Tenny 1929.

I was thrilled to find this postcard on eBay. I've never seen an example of this before in 30 years of searching. And it was written out by Henrietta Hooker too, to Olive Sprague!