This Week's Collection Feature

Each week I will update this page to highlight something different in my collection. I know there are too many things for most people to look through everything, and this way I'll get to share some of the highlights without overwhelming you.

Wilma Mayberry's mother sent a series of postcards while visiting with her daughter in 1910. Her handwriting is so distinctive it was easy to figure out who she was even when she didn't sign with her full name. I got the first three as a group in 1998. Wilma Mayberry was from Dorchester, and lived in 26 Safford according to the 1907-08 MHC directory (her sophomore year), 6 Porter according to the 1908-09 MHC directory (her junior year), and in 31 Rockefeller according to the 1909-10 MHC directory. I was curious why there wasn't a card available for her first year, so I looked that up as well; according to the 1906-07 MHC directory, she lived in Mrs. Lovell's. In 2013, I found the missing first year card on eBay.

"February 15, 1910 Have marked Wilma's room - it is so pretty - wish you could see it. Arrived yesterday - Wilma met me at Springfield - the girls are all lovely to me. Sincerely, Helen H. Mayberry."

"Wilma lived here during her junior year. Love H. H. M. Feb 16, 1910"

"Wilma lived here sophomore year - her room is marked. Love, Helen H. Mayberry. Feb 16, '10"

"Feb 15, 1910 This is Mrs. Lovell's house, - Wilma was here the first year. I have marked her room. It is called "The Manse." Sincerely, H. H. M."