This Week's Collection Feature

Each week I will update this page to highlight something different in my collection. I know there are too many things for most people to look through everything, and this way I'll get to share some of the highlights without overwhelming you.

I bought this card in 1998. When I first looked at it, I felt certain it was modeled after a leather postcard. The style of it is very unusual and distinctive. But leather postcards of any type eluded me for a long time.

Five years later, in 2003, I found this one. My first leather postcard related to Mount Holyoke! It wasn't the fishing card, but it at least proved that a leather version might exist.

In 2014, I got this one on eBay. It was designed for Harvard (Harvard's pennants are red), but F.C. sent it to a Mount Holyoke student, implying that the young woman on the card was cheering for Mount Holyoke.

In 2015, I finally found a leather card similar to the first one on this page! It is not the same artwork, so I'm still going to hope to find another that more closely resembles that first card. This card was mailed a year earlier to the same student who received the leather card with the red Harvard pennant on it.

I bought this one in 2000. It is not leather, but like the fishing postcard at the top of this page, I feel certain this card is modeled after a leather postcard. I'm eagerly looking for this in leather too!