Miss Hooker's

[Miss Hooker's]


I believe this home was located on Park Street, the street that runs from the Village Church to Ham and Macgregor. Miss Hooker rented out space in her home for students, and it may even have operated as the College Inn for a while. She was also well known for her chickens.

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All cards are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

College Inn
front "College Inn, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass." But this is a picture of Miss Hooker's! Sounds like a story here.
back Divided back, postmarked Nov 7, 19?? (around 1910, as I have other cards by this woman to this young man) in South Hadley. #1083 C. A. Gridley Son. Made in Germany. "This gives you a good idea of the "Inn". I imagine you are glad it is Friday and Teachers Convention - It's a good day for football and perhaps you will have a game with Winfield. Did papers find a Jersey? If you have as good a day tomorrow it will be a good vacation won't it - Love to all - Aunt A[ddie]"

Miss Hookers and The Tea Room
front "Miss Hookers and The Tea Room South Hadley, Mass."
back Divided back, postmarked Feb 5, 1918 7am in West Upton, Mass. #B8777 Published by The Springfield News Company, Springfield, Mass. Made in Germany. "Did you know Hazel was in Baltimore doing Red Cross work? I found it out this P. M. when I went up to the hospital to see her. Has been gone a month and I understand [...] says he has the measles. This has been an awful day. Took me from 615 on the 5.15 car till 7.50 to get to N. Grafton. That reminds me I had something funny to tell you in my letter and forgot. Charlotte"

Ye Old English Tea Rooms
front "Ye Old English Tea Rooms, South Hadley, Mass." I thought this might be the building next to Miss Hooker's when I first saw it, but once I compared it to the view above, I realized it's not. But I'll put it here until I figure out a better location for it.
back Divided back, stamp box, unused. #AA3434 Scott Photo S828. An Excelsior card.

Rose the Prize-winning Chicken
front "Rose / Single Comb Buff Orpington Hen / First at Boston - Jan. 1911 / Bred and Owned by Henrietta E. Hooker - So. Hadley, Mass. / Rose also took both shape and color specials"
back Divided back, postmarked Apr 15, 1912 7am in South Hadley. Addressed to Mrs. Charles Cooper in Brooklyn, NY. Inscription: "Dear Olive. Miss Neilson has at last decided about the cottage and I think you could be very happy there if the terms are satisfactory - Everything is very cosey about the place - I think you could possibly sublet a room or two if you wished and found the right person[.] The new town water supply is as good as any in the State by test - With love H.E.H."