Letter Written by Jan 29, 1947


January 29, 1947

Dear Sidonia;

It is a long time since you so kindly saw me off from station to station. Somewhere along the line I picked up a severe infection. Altogether aside from my "football knee" I have been miserable and miserably checked in what I could do. In fact, for a week I was too exhausted and ill to do anything but stay in bed. Not for a minute, however, do I regret having taken the wheelchair journey to Washington.

The sandwiches were delicious and helped me all the way to Westport. I can't send you anything "delicious", but I am sending you two volumes which will help you "all the way" to the West Indies and to South America and back: The American Dilemma. If you will put in a couple of hours a day you will have in hand and in mind almost all the up-to-date data available on the so-called negro problem, and before Mr Blumenauer returns you will be well educated. These volumes will provide a double service: first, they will keep you from making some of the mistakes we Americans make so naturally, and second, they will place you in the storefront of the actual facts in the problem to be faced. Keep the volumes until you have finished with them and then, please, return them to me for they are part of the source material of my Caribbeana library.

With warm greetings and with apologies for this delay due to conditions here,

Always gratefully yours,
Jeannette Marks