Sophia D. Hazen 1841

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Sophia D. Hazen 1841 (Mrs. William H. Stoddard)
teacher 1841-1849 Mount Holyoke Seminary
associate principal 1849-1850 Mount Holyoke Seminary
acting principal 1865-1867 Mount Holyoke Seminary
missionary 1850-1858 American Board Nestorian Miss Oroomiah Persia
Married 1851 to Rev. David T. Stoddard, died 1857
Married 1867 to William H. Stoddard
stepdaughter Sarah
died 1891 in Northampton

All information from One Hundred Year Biographical Directory of Mount Holyoke College 1837-1937, Bulletin Series 30, no. 5; published and compiled by the Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts

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Sophia Dana Hazen (1820-1891) was born at Hartford, Windsor County, VT, the daughter of Rev. Austin Hazen (1786-1854) and his first wife Frances Mary Dana (1800-1831). Frances was the daughter of Israel P. Dana (1774-1848) and Sarah Smith (1778-1853). Sophia graduated from Mt. Holyoke in 1841 and remained there as a key teacher and administrator until 1850. Her letter shows that she was instrumental in persuading Associate Principal Mary C. Whitman to take a leave of absence from Mt. Holyoke in October 1848 in order to travel and regain her health. In late 1848 Sophia encouraged Principal Mary Lyon, whose health was failing, to go to Monson, MA, for rest, promising that she would "take all the care" of Mt. Holyoke. The Mt. Holyoke Trustees considered Sophia to be a "competent and favorite teacher" and she ably carried on in Mary Lyon's absence. Mary Lyon passed away on March 5, 1849. On April 18, 1849, Mary C. Whitman was appointed Principal and Sophia became Associate Principal. Sophia left Mt. Holyoke in 1850 and married Rev. David Tappan Stoddard (1818-1857) at Berlin, VT, on February 14, 1851. Rev. Stoddard had graduated from Yale College in 1838 and was ordained in 1843. In March 1851 David and Sophia sailed to Persia where he served the Nestorian Mission there until his death in 1857. In November 1858 Sophia left Smyrna, Turkey, and returned to the U. S. The 1860 census listed Sophia in Thetford, Orange County, VT, where she worked as a teacher. In 1864 she returned to teach at Mt. Holyoke and served as Acting Principal 1865-1867. In 1867 she married David's brother William H. Stoddard (1804-1884), who was a dry goods merchant. They moved to Northampton, MA, where Sophia passed away in 1891. She is buried in the Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton. The Sophia D. Hazen Stoddard Papers are held by Mount Holyoke College Archives & Special Collections. See Twelfth Annual Catalogue of the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary...1848-49, Catalogue of the Memorandum Society, and of the Alumnae of Mount Holyoke Seminary...1837-1877, Memoir of Rev. David Tappan Stoddard (1859), History of Hartford, Vermont... (1889), Biographical Notices of Graduates of Yale College... (1913), History of Mount Holyoke Seminary...During Its First Half Century, 1837-1887, The Power of Christian Benevolence Illustrated in the Life and Labors of Mary Lyon (1858).