I'm counting anything handwritten that is not a letter and not a bound work as a manuscript. In a college collection, that's turning out to be mostly papers written for classes.


Essays by Harriet Ely x1849
Essays by Dorothy Johnson 1926

Individual pieces

A Sermon Delivered on Nov 14, 1843
page 1 A hand-written manuscript, bound in thread with a few extra pages attached after the binding was made, with straight pins.
Full contents of the sermon, though only the first page is scanned.

An Essay Written after March 5, 1849
page 1 An essay written about Mary Lyon, sometime after her death, but probably before 1880, if the handwriting can be an indicator.
Full contents of essay, though only part of the first page is scanned.

A Zoology Paper Written in June 1909
Page scans of the paper