Postcard Collector, February 2006

What's in the Mail?

[Singing Students]

[Unfortunately, Postcard Collector doesn't archive their back issues on the web, but this is the text of the article, and the picture displayed.]

Donna Albino, author of the Arcadia book Mount Holyoke College (check PCC May 2002, pp. 33-34) also maintains a Web site devoted to her collection of ephemera, scrapbooks, autograph albums, photographs and postcards at She has a few extra copies of this procession of singing students on a blue-tinted postcard that the 1964 class at Mount Holyoke College commissioned. She found the photo upon which the card was based "tucked inside a 1907 yearbook." The 4-by-6-inch postcard costs $1 plus an appropriately sized SASE. Write Donna Albino, 455 Belmont St, East Bridgewater, MA 02333.