Mary Perle Anderson 1889

Mary Perle Anderson 1889
Address in 1937: East Berkshire VT
BS 1890
student 1899 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
student 1900 Woods Hole
student 1903-1904 University of Chicago
student 1907 Columbia University
student 1907 Kew Botanical Gardens and Jardin des Plantes
scholar 1907 New York Botanical Garden
teacher 1890-1894 Presbyterian College Independence MO
teacher 1894-1895 Plymouth
teacher 1895-1902 Somerville
teacher 1902-1904 Chicago
instructor (botany) 1904-1906 Mount Holyoke College
teacher 1906-1915 Horace Mann School NY
camp supervisor 1912-1915 East Berkshire VT

All information from One Hundred Year Biographical Directory of Mount Holyoke College 1837-1937, Bulletin Series 30, no. 5; published and compiled by the Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts