Database Management ……………………………CS 341-02

Tues, Thurs 1:10- 2:25……………………………….. classroom: 401 Clapp Hall


A study of the nature and purpose of database and information systems and the fundamental concepts of database management. Topics include database design, languages, and system implementation of databases, the evolution of database management and models with an emphasis on relational data models, SQL query language, and transaction processing. Students will learn to build a description of relationships within data and use the algebra and calculus of these relationships, considering those constraints that help preserve the integrity of data and guarantee consistency after updates and modifications. Student will do projects designing and implementing databases in MS ACCESS, a personal and small business database system, and in an SQL client-server, a professional level system.


Instructor: Deborah Strahman

Office: 419 Clapp Hall


Office Hours: sign up posted at door or by arrangement

In general I will also be available immediately after class


text: Database System Concepts 3rd edition, by H. Korth, A. Silberschatz





Jan 30


Ch 1

Feb 4, 6

Entity Relationship Model

Ch 2

Feb 11, 13

Relational Model

Ch 3

Feb 18, 20

Database Constraints

Ch 5 and 6

Feb 25,27

Internal Structure of Databases

Ch 7 and 8

March 4, 6



March 11, 13

Transaction management

Ch10, 11 and 12

March 18,20

Spring Break


March 25, 27



April 1, 3

Object Oriented databases

Ch 13

April 8, 10

Extended Relational Model

Ch 14

April 15, 17

Distributed Databases


April 22, 24

Databases and the Web


April 29, May 1



May 6


Ch 16

Note: It is very important to keep up with reading


Assignments and Exams:

  1. there will be homework assignments from the text
  2. Project - design/implement a database in MS ACCESS
  3. In-class midterm exam
  4. take-home final essay format


class attendance is required