Artistic experience

Scientific illustrator (current):
Scientific Illustrator, New England Wild Flower Society
Completed hundreds of technical drawings for the award-winning web application, Go Botany

Scientific Journals:
American Journal of Botany, Annals of Botany, Conservation Biology, Biotropica, American Birds,
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
, and other peer-reviewed journals.

Published illustrations:
Ellison, A. M. et al. 2013. A Field Guide to the Ants of New England. Yale University Press, New Haven, CT (sole illustrator)
Haines, A. 2011. Flora Novae Angliae. Yale University Press, New Haven, CT (700 illustrations)
Sperduto, Dan and Ben Kimball. 2011. The Nature of New Hampshire: Natural Communities of the Granite State. New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau and University of New England Press, Hanover, NH (sole illustrator)
Farnsworth, R. L. 2010. Rumored Islands: Poems by Robert Farnsworth Harbor Mountain Press, Brownsville, VT (cover)

Mehltreter, K., L. R. Walker and J. Sharpe (Editors). 2011. Fern Ecology and Conservation. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK
Morse, D. H. 2007. Predator upon a Flower: Life History and Fitness in a Crab Spider. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA (sole illustrator)
Bertness, M. D. 2007. Atlantic Shorelines: Natural History and Ecology. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ
Cobb, B., E. J. Farnsworth, and C. Lowe. 2005. Peterson Field Guide to the Ferns of Northeastern and Central North America. Houghton-Mifflin Company, Boston, Massachusetts.
Gotelli, N.J. and A.M. Ellison. 2004. A Primer of Ecological Statistics. Sinauer Associates, Inc., Sunderland, MA (cover)

Bazzaz, F. A. 1996. Plants in Changing Environments: Linking Physiological, Population, and Community Ecology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK
Fact sheets on rare plants, Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, Westborough, MA (sample)

Courses/Workshops taught:
Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA. February 2012.Understanding and Drawing Ferns.
Petersham Craft Center, Petersham, MA. July 2011. Understanding and Drawing Ferns.
New England Wild Flower Society, Framingham, MA. July 2011. Nature Journaling.
Nasami Farm, Whately, MA. June 2010. Nature Journaling.
Petersham Craft Center, Petersham, MA. May 2010. Nature Drawing.

Smith College, Northampton, MA. 2009. Botanical Illustration.
Village School, Royalston, MA. April 2009. Nature Drawing.
Phinehas T. Newton Library, Royalston, MA. October 2008. Nature Journaling.
Conway School of Landscape Design, Conway, MA. July 2008. Botanical Illustration.
Hitchock Center for the Environment, Amherst, MA. October 2007 and April 2008. Beginning Nature Drawing.

Plus many more…see Publications page

Samples of artwork (copyright 2008)
Bluefish (color pencil)
Xysticus crab spider (pen and ink)
Doanes Falls, Royalston (pen and ink)
Logo design, Urban Environmental Laboratory (pen and ink)
Mangrove landscape (pen and ink)
Sea turtle (color pencil)
Resurrection plant (pen and ink)
Shrimps (pen and ink)
Tropical forest brochure (pen and ink)
Codding Meadow, Royalston (pastel)

Drawing workshops and private instruction are available.
Portfolio available upon request.

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