Dear Teacher: Please excuse Lisa for being absent. She was sick, and I had her shot.

Dear School: I hope you will excuse John for being absent on Jan. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and also 33.

Dear Miss Larson: Jack didn't go to school yesterday because he had two teeth taken out of his face.

Mrs. Smith: Please excuse Tommy for being absent yesterday. He had diarrhea, and his boots leak.

Dear Teacher: Please excuse Jimmy for being. It was his father's fault.

Dear Mr. Brown: Please excuse Jason for being absent yesterday. He had a cold and could not breed well.

Dear Mr. Anderson: Maryann was absent yesterday because she had a fever and upset stomach. Her sister was also sick, and her brother had a fever. I wasn't too well, either. There must have been something going around. Her father even got hot last night.

Dear Mr. Thomas: Jennifer missed school yesterday for a good reason. We forgot to get the Sunday paper off the porch, and when we found it Monday, we thought it was Sunday.