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Getting Development Right

Structural Transformation, Inclusion, And Sustainability In The Post-Crisis Era

Eva Paus

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The celebratory tone about the emergence of the BRICs and the improved growth in Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America during the 2000s obscures the reality that, for large parts of the developing world, the challenges of development are more acute than ever before. After three decades of Washington Consensus policies, deepening globalization, and China's and India's increasing competitiveness in ever more goods and services, many developing countries are now facing three critical challenges: how to engender a transformation of the production structure that creates many more productive jobs, how to make growth more inclusive, and how to stimulate a growth process compatible with environmental sustainability.

Getting Development Right brings together some of the most renowned development scholars and practitioners from multiple academic disciplines and policy perspectives to analyze important facets of this triple challenge and suggest strategies for overcoming the challenges in the current age of globalization.Unlike other books on development, Getting Development Right looks at the current global crisis and shortterm growth opportunities from a long-term perspective, emphasizing that the three main challenges are interlinked, and that strategies and policies must recognize these interconnections to address different aspects
of the challenges concomitantly.

ISBN 9781137360908