Indian Emergency of 1975-1977

“I do not believe that a democratic society has the obligation to acquiesce in its own dissolution”

-Saturday review, 9th Aug 1975


The Indian Emergency of 25th June 1975-21st March 1977 was a 21 month period, when President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, upon advice by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, declared a state of emergency under Article 352 of the Constitution of India, effectively bestowing on her the power to rule by decree, suspending elections and civil liberties.  This was a dramatic turn in the Indian political affairs.  The democracy was brought to a grinding halt and all the fundamental rights and legal remedies protected by the Constitution of The Republic of India were suspended.  Indira Gandhi tried to defend the emergency on the grounds that she was trying to protect the State and the Indian people.  Nevertheless, her emergency rule faced immense criticism and is undoubtedly one of the most controversial periods of the political history of Independent India.


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