More to come, for now have a look at these opportunities and resources.  Categories below include mathematics programs (academic year), REUs and other summer programs, summer programs for women, internships, mentoring and career programs, professional master's degrees, scholarship opportunities and Putnam materials.

Mathematics programs (academic year)

REUs and other summer programs

Summer programs for women


Mentoring and Career Programs

  • Careers in Mathematics from the AWM (Association for Women in Mathematics).
  • Mathematical Sciences Career Information sponsored by the AMS, SIAM and MAA (American Mathematical Society, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Association of America).
  • Also see their new Early Career Profile Network, including job profiles of recent bachelor's level alumni here.
  • In addition, SIAM has their own website on careers here.
  • AWM Mentor Network is another resource from the AWM.
  • Math Will Rock Your World is the cover article in Business Week 1/23/2006; it makes the case that "There has never been a better time to be a mathematician," in terms of career opportunities.
  • The Mississippi Teacher Corps is a job-placement service for teachers.
  • The Educational Resources Group is a job-placement service for teachers.
  • The Teach for America program recruits college graduates (especially mathematics and science majors) to teach for two years in challenging school districts. (Also see the entry for MATH FOR AMERICA in the section on professional master's degrees.)
  • The Actuarial Society of New York website will tell you about actuarial careers and events in the New York City area.
  • The website Be An is a good source for information about the actuarial profession and scholarships for students of the actuarial sciences.
  • The Casualty Actuary Society website is probably your best source for information on the actuarial exams.
  • The Educational Testing Service is the home of the Graduate Record Exam.
  • For careers at MIT Lincoln Labs, see this web page.

Professional master's degrees

  • The article available here describes what a professional master's degree is and why it's useful.
  • If you google on professional master's degree, you'll find lots of specific programs. In 1998-2000, a list of programs offering a professional master's degree was put together by the American Mathematical Society, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and Mathematician for Education Reform. To find that list, click here.
  • MATH FOR AMERICA offers mathematically talented college graduates a five year MfA Fellowship which includes a full tuition scholarship for a master's degree program and four years of teaching in a New York City public secondary school. Today, there are over 200 MfA Fellows in the New York City program, with 60 new Fellows entering the classroom next fall. More information is on their website here.

Scholarship Opportunities

Putnam Materials