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How do you learn from a textbook? What does the teacher want? How do you analyze word problems?
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How do you learn?
Physics is a large, rich, and sophisticated subject -- filled with aesthetics, subtleties, logic, contradictions, beauty, and endless details. Physics is a way of looking at the world -- of asking questions and finding answers.

But there are many facets of physics which give people difficulties as they start this fascinating exploration of the world in which they live. For most people, doing well in physics will require a change in the way they view, and think of, the world. For some it is a minor change and for others it is a dramatic alteration.
How do you study in a group?

How/when do you speak to the professor?
Why are the concepts so hard to learn? How do you take notes? How do you solve problems?

Other Sites to Find Help Studying Physics

Some of these sites may be useful to you. But do not confuse an hour browsing the WEB for an hour of study.

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