AAPT Committee on Physics in Undergraduate Education

2006 Annual Report

The CPUE follows the usual pattern of meeting in conjunction with the Winter and Summer AAPT meetings. It conducts the rest of its business by email. The meetings are well attended, often having guests from other committees or from general membership who have an interest in undergraduate physics education.

In 2006, the CPUE arranged for sessions, workshops, and tutorials at both the Winter (Anchorage) and Summer (Syracuse) meetings, up to the quotas given us. We also arranged the sessions and workshops for the 2007 Summer Meeting (Greensboro). As with probably every committee, we would like to have more. In this connection, the CPUE believes that tutorials should not be counted against workshop or session count. They really are in a different category, attracting a particular audience who want to learn about those topics. We believe that only space limitations should control the number of tutorials.

We have had discussions about the Planning Retreat document and the ACCOM report. One issue was that of the timing of the Winter Meeting. As addressed in the ACCOM report, we believe that the Winter Meeting could be advantageously moved to coincide with spring breaks, in the second or third weeks in March.

The CPUE has reaffirmed its practice of having one session on upper division level topics at each meeting, rotating the topics among mechanics; electromagnetism; thermodynamics and statistical mechanics; quantum mechanics and atomic physics; and math methods.

The committee is in the middle of serious discussions of the proposal to double the number of undergraduate physics majors in a decade, and of the mission statement for our committee.

We are also discussing a possible recommendation concerning AP physics, as requested by President Ken Heller.

Submitted by J.D. Garcia, Chair

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Last updated 05/18/2007