2008 Committee on Physics in Undergraduate Education

CPUE Goals

Activities in 2008

Sponsored Event. The CPUE sponsored and co-sponsored one tutorial, 2 workshops, and 7 sessions at the 2008 Winter Meeting in Baltimore; and one tutorial, 4 workshops, and 9 sessions at the 2008 Summer Meeting in Edmonton (fulfills Items #1 and #3 of the goals). Of particular note are sessions on preparing undergraduates for upper division courses (Chicago) and for graduate study (Ann Arbor).

Committee meetings were held in Baltimore (6 of 9 members attended, along with at least 8 friends) and at the Summer Meeting in Edmonton (5 of 9 members attended, along with at least 11 friends). In Baltimore, there was continuing discussion of the proposal to form an Upper Level Undergraduate Curriculum Task Force (fulfills Items #1 and #2 of the goals).

The proposal for the Upper Level Undergraduate Curriculum Task Force was discussed in Baltimore and again in Edmonton. So far the outcome of the discussions has been two invited sessions on the topic in cooperation with the Committee on Laboratories, one presented at Edmonton and a second one scheduled for Chicago. Plans for a task force or topical conference were stalled because of the departure of Toufic Hakim. The committee has sought feedback from other potentially affected committees.

Further input from other sources, including industry and graduate programs, is recommended.

At Edmonton, David Cook urged CPUE to encourage the organization of sessions and workshops that emphasize the physics content of undergraduate courses.

Recommendations for the AAPT Executive Board There was considerable discussion in Edmonton about sessions that appear to be workshops or tutorials. CPUE recommends that a policy be developed to ensure that organizers are not circumventing quotas on workshops and tutorials by presenting them as sessions.

Submitted by Steve Luzader, Chair

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